In the early 1990s I wrote (after having read Dorothy Parker’s verse):

The architecture of UTA
As seen while driving down Cooper “Allée”
Is interesting at first, and for the purpose it serves.
But after awhile, it grates on the nerves.

December, 2014:


UTA Grows Up 

No longer do I have to think that.
UTA has become UT Arlington
And has grown up.
And yet at each stage of life
We lose something
When we gain something.
Nor is each stage perfect.

We lose something:
The simple times
Of the commuter school
When all could afford
The $4 credit hour,
When this public university
Was truly funded
By the public
Instead of now,
When it is funded only
And the money must now come
From the students
And private and governmental
And one must
Be beholden to
Those endowments. …
When no one was climbing
Up the proverbial
Ladder of
Prestige, Power, and Popularity,
Just “doing their job.”

We gain something:
People trying to make a difference
In a new way
In the lives of all whom
UT Arlington touches,
Reaching ever more students
In new ways
With new means,
Students whose parents
Never had the chance,
Students proud
To be attending
A school
That is
A contender.

No stage is perfect.
Each stage has
The other
Each stage has its own

Today UTA looks like the coherent, well conceived campus of a major university. It is very good looking!!! As you walk the campus, it feels “right.”