I know this is not the first time I’m talking about the value of higher education. However, I’ve still been having thoughts on same.

The public is often asked to think of higher education in terms of jobs and job skills preparation. Is that all higher education is good for? I think not. While such skills and preparation are truly important, both for society and for the individual student, there is another reason for higher education that is just as important, if not more so. It is expanding your horizons, deepening your insight, and having those awesome, momentous “aha” experiences that are life-changing. Not only do they increase the quality of life of the individual student, helping him or her to understand people, life, and reality in ways that he or she did not before, but they are also better for society, helping those same students go beyond the public sound soundbites of the culture. I will explain more later.

Retirement is keeping me quite busy!!! 🙂

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