About the Author

What is this blog, and why am I writing it?

After twenty-five years of schooling, including kindergarten and attendance at various times at five institutions of higher learning, after one year of substitute teaching at the middle and high school levels, and thirty-five years of teaching at the university level, I now have the time and leisure to reflect on it all and put some of my thoughts in words for the internet.

Although I published on teaching languages and intercultural communication during my career as a university professor, and wrote copiously on my own about topics related to teaching and university life over the years, I now have the opportunity to write, for an audience, about ideas which I never published, and to include reflections and musings that have come and gone and developed over those many years.

I hope that some of these ideas will be a point of departure for you to reflect upon your own teaching or your own schooling ā€“ or that of your children. I do believe that when one teaches, one should also reflect on having been taught, as well as on teaching. Those experiences that we had as students can teach us many things about the experience of being a student. True, our experiences are individual, but some of them reflect what happens physically, mentally, and emotionally to all of us who are former students of one kind or another. While there is much learning to be done to become an expert teacher, nevertheless we all have had good and bad experiences as students ā€“ and as teachers of one kind or another in all walks of life.

So browse my blog, take what speaks to you and develop it on your own trajectory, and along the way I hope you enjoy it, at least some of it.

— Lana Rings


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